Woman receives death threats after posing naked inside dead horse

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A couple from Oregon have acquired dying threats after snap shots of a bare female posing internal a useless horse went viral.

Jasha Lottin and her boyfriend John Frost have been searching after a 32-yr vintage horse in declining fitness after they determined to place it down withinside the most ‘humane’ manner they may assume of.

The positioned the pony down with a unmarried bullet from a excessive calibre rifle. However, that wasn’t sufficient for the pair and what they did subsequent has caused “excessive emotional reactions” or even threats in opposition to their lives.

After gutting the useless horse, Jasha stripped absolutely bare, climbed in the carcass after which took a few very traumatic pictures. After the pictures went viral, the pair acquired a number of criticism, which cause a police research for animal cruelty.

In one photo, simplest Jasha’s head may be visible poking via the carcass with a wry smile on her face. In some other you may see Jasha standing, absolutely bare, included withinside the animals blood, at the same time as 1/2 of of her hair is absolutely pink after absorbing a number of blood.


Why did they kill, disembowel, take pictures in the carcass and in the end consume the pony? Well, to feel “one with the pony” and nature, in keeping with The Huffington Post.

However ill the complete situation may also seem, the police had a few thrilling matters to mention approximately it.

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“The reality that this female crawled into the pony among killing and consuming does now no longer represent a crime,” Washington County Sgt. Dave Thompson instructed The Huffington Post.

“If that they’d killed the pony only for the reason of taking the photographs, then we’d have had a case for animal cruelty,” he added

WARNING: The snap shots of Ms Lottin bare in the horse carcass, on Imgur, are extraordinarily traumatic and are NSFW.

Correction: An in advance model of this tale incorrectly mentioned the names of the female photographed in the horse carcass and her boyfriend. The female’s call is Jasha Lottin and her boyfriend’s call is John Frost, in keeping with police records.

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