How do you remove a starlight headliner?

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Each vehicle’s installation of a starlight headliner would be somewhat different. However, the purpose of this page is to provide an essential reference to the process of installing a Starlight Headliner. We recommend browsing internet forums specific to your automobile for vehicle-specific techniques such as removing or withdrawing the headliner.

Step 1: Resources

The tools needed to remove a headliner may vary depending on the car. The following are the tools we suggest for starry headliner installation in general.

Tools Required:

  •  An assortment of screwdrivers
  •  Wrench and socket set (1/4 or ½ driver)
  • Penal market or permanent market
  • T-pins for upholstery
  • Contact adhesive (Super Glue)
  • a roll of electrical tape
  •  A pair of scissors

Step 2: Remove the headliner

Removing your headliner is a task that is somewhat specific to your car and may necessitate the use of different or particular tools. In general, interior trim components such as pillar covers, wind deflectors, map light, dome light, and roof handles would need to be taken before the headlining can be separated from the roof; we recommend making some inquiries for your car to determine the method and tools required.

In certain vehicles, extracting the headliner thru the trunk or through one of the passenger doors may require some deft maneuvering and may need the removal of seats.

Fortunately, it is feasible to install fiber optic starlights into the headliner without lifting the top from the car. This can make for a challenging working environment, but many starlight installations are done this way.

Step 3: Secretly planning stars

You may begin to design the starscape upon that top plate of the headliner once it has been separated from your roof and uninstalled from your car.

Remove any excess foam and material from the topside or your headliner if required. Many of these elements may obstruct your ability to create a decent starscape.

Then, to lay out stars evenly throughout the whole space, we’ll need the means to partition off the headliner. You could do it.

Draw a grid in your headliner and start by locating the center point on every four sides, preferably by taking the length of both sides and then determining the midpoint from there. Mark the intersections of opposing sides, then draw a line between them.

Then, divide the headlining into smaller squares until you get through what you want. Begin mapping where you want to place lighting within each grid segment. Divide the total quantity of lights in your kit by the section count to get the maximum count of lights included inside each grid. For example, 500 street lamps across 16 parts on the main stage equals 31 lights per portion.

Plot them any way you like; some people prefer to position lights equally spaced out in a pattern, while others prefer a randomized arrangement; it’s all up to you.

Step 4: Drilling Holes

Then, using your upholstered pins or drill, begin pinning holes into the spots you’ve marked. You want them to be big enough so fiber optic lights can be placed through the holes. Go through your grid section by section until you’ve punched all the spaces.

Step 5: Determine the location of the light source

Determine the location of your light source before we begin installing fiber optics. Consider the dimensions of the light engines, the size of the power cord, the length of the fiber optics, and the available room to run the optical components out of the canopy if required when deciding the position of the light source. Light motors can be tiny enough to be placed directly in some kits.

How much does it cost to install a Starlight headliner?

Installing a starlight headliner into your vehicle may be complex, intricate, and time-consuming. Given the risk of damaging your original headliner and the high repair cost, it’s common to engage a professional installer to produce a beautiful star headliner display on your behalf.

Final Verdict 

This post will go through the many elements that influence installation costs, including star number, installation quality, and even vehicle type.

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