Beyond the Cricket Field : Successful Brands Owned by Indian Cricketers

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There is no doubting the fact that cricket is one of the most popular sports in India. The sport has a massive following and commands a large chunk of the country’s sporting attention. It is not surprising then that many Indian cricketers have used their stardom and popularity to build successful businesses. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most successful brands owned by Indian cricketers.

Sachin Tendulkar

In addition to his cricketing career and brand endorsements, Sachin has ventured into various business endeavors. Here are some notable business ventures associated with Sachin Tendulkar, that make him richest cricketer in the world

Sachin Tendulkar Sports

 Sachin Tendulkar has his own sports management company, known as Sachin Tendulkar Sports (STS). The company focuses on promoting and managing sporting talent, providing support and guidance to aspiring athletes.

SRT10 Sports

 Tendulkar launched SRT10 Sports in collaboration with Spartan Sports, an Australian sports equipment manufacturer. The company produces a range of sporting gear and equipment, including cricket bats, apparel, and accessories.

Smaaash Entertainment

 As mentioned earlier, Tendulkar has invested in Smaaash Entertainment, an indoor entertainment and gaming company. He has been actively involved in promoting and shaping the brand’s vision.

Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy (TMGA)

 Tendulkar partnered with Middlesex Cricket to establish the Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy. It provides young cricketers with top-level coaching and training facilities to nurture their talent.

True Blue

 Sachin Tendulkar has also ventured into the fashion industry with his clothing brand called True Blue. True Blue offers a range of stylish and casual apparel for men.


 Tendulkar is a co-owner of the travel portal Musafir, which offers various travel services and holiday packages.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, the Indian cricketer, had not launched any significant business ventures of his own. However, he has been associated with various brands as a brand ambassador and has invested in some business ventures. Here are a few notable associations and investments:


 Virat Kohli has a popular clothing brand called Wrogn. Launched in 2014 in association with Universal Sportsbiz Pvt. Ltd. (USPL), Wrogn offers a range of casual and sportswear for men.


 Kohli has collaborated with Puma to create his own brand called One8. The brand offers a range of athletic and lifestyle products, including footwear, clothing, and accessories.

Chisel Fitness

 Kohli has invested in Chisel Fitness, a chain of gyms and fitness centers in India. The fitness centers aim to provide personalized training and state-of-the-art facilities.

Stepathlon Kids

 Kohli has partnered with Stepathlon Lifestyle to launch Stepathlon Kids, a program that promotes physical activity and a healthy lifestyle among children.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni, the former Indian cricketer and captain, he is second richest Indian cricketer , only next to Sachin Tendulkar has been involved in various business ventures. Here is a list of some businesses associated with MS Dhoni:

Rhiti Sports

 Dhoni is a co-owner of Rhiti Sports, a sports management company that represents and manages cricketers and other sports personalities.

SEVEN by MS Dhoni

 Dhoni launched his lifestyle brand, SEVEN, which offers a range of sportswear, fitness equipment, and accessories.

SportsFit World

 Dhoni has invested in SportsFit World, a chain of fitness centers that aims to provide high-quality training facilities and programs.

Mahi Racing Team India

 Dhoni owned a motorcycle racing team called Mahi Racing Team India, which participated in the Supersport World Championship.

Dhoni Entertainment

 Dhoni established Dhoni Entertainment, a production company focused on creating films and web series.

Run Adam

 Dhoni has invested in Run Adam, a sports tech platform that connects athletes with sponsors, mentors, and other stakeholders.


The foray of cricketers into business ventures showcases their entrepreneurial spirit and diversification beyond the cricket field. From clothing brands to fitness centers, they have demonstrated their ability to succeed in the business world. These ventures not only contribute to their personal wealth but also enhance their brand value and leave a lasting legacy.

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